All American Smash

I have always been patriotic, even as a child. I love our National Anthem (which was originally the tune from a drinking song if you didn't know). To this day it often chokes me up a bit when I hear it at sporting events and see the stars and stripes waving in the breeze. So many men and women have dedicated their lives to ensuring that this country remains free; many paying the ultimate price. So for today I choose to forget about politics and grudges and differences and think on the things that make America great. Our pioneering spirit, our diversity, our ingenuity and well our whiskey.... let's face it American whiskey is a pretty great thing!  Enjoy this truly American cocktail Cheers y'all!

The All American Smash

  • 1.5 oz Copper City Bourbon ( AZ Distilling Phoenix, AZ)
  • .5 oz Whiskey Del Bac (Hamilton Distillers Tuscon, AZ).
  • .5 oz DC&F Cinque (Don Ciccio & Figli Washington, DC)
  • .5 oz Iconic Cocktail Co kaffir lime tonic (Phoenix, AZ)
  • .5 oz homemade raspberry syrup
  • Passionfruit bitters (Boy Drinks World Bitters San Diego, CA)
  • Joe's Orange bitters ( Joe Ferrera, NY)
  • local blueberries, raspberries & blackberries with fresh mint for garnish

Mix everything except the berries over ice for 30 seconds.  Add berries and crushed ice to collins glass (FYI - Sonic drive-in has the best crushed ice ever for less than $2 bag) pour in cocktail and garnish with fresh mint.