Spiritual Journeys

Whether you are looking to dive deep into a particular spirit, learn to make the perfect cocktail at home or just want a fun night sipping drinks with friends I can design a custom class or event for you. My place or yours, intimate or expansive, hands-on or demonstrative we can fit your needs. See below examples for some of the classes I have offered. If you don’t see what you are looking for let’s create something together.


Smoking Hot Cocktails

This class explores the use of smoke and fire four different ways in cocktails. From just a spritz of smoky scotch to introduce the palate to a rich smoky mezcal laced old fashioned we’ll tantalize your taste buds and olfactory senses with how much smoke and smokey ingredients can add to your drinking experience. We’ll also explore how tobacco smoked glasses can elevate your old fashioned. And finally demonstrate that a bit of wood smoke with your dessert cocktail can make both the presentation and flavor extra sexy.

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The Golden Ratio

This class teaches you the bartender’s secret to becoming a cocktail making rockstar at home. Put away your phone and fancy cocktail recipe books I’ll teach you the one formula you need to remember to make hundreds of fail-proof cocktails and dazzle your friends. You get to design one cocktail on your own and receive a take-away card that includes 11 easy recipes so you can make cocktails on the fly with whatever you have in the house.


Gin Journey

We begin with an exploration of gin including the history and basic categories of gins. Followed by a gin tasting where you get to choose three gins to taste and compare. We’ll also cover the history of tonic water. Where it came from, it’s purpose, why it tastes the way it does and the wonderful craft tonics that are available the market today. Finally, you get to design your own craft gin and tonic and realize how good this simple cocktail can be when you use premium ingredients.


Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History

It’s a perfect Girls night; cocktails paired with stories about badass women in history. You’ll sip on fun drinks based on three different historical figures who all had significant contributions to modern society but weren’t very good at coloring inside the lines. Figures include a WWII spy, a Hollywood actress & inventor, and an Irish aviator. Sit back, laugh and enjoy some positive girl power time.


Bitter Love

In Italian the word Amaro means “bitter”. It’s also an entire category of liqueur that are both bitter and sweet. There is an entire range of herb and root infused spirits ranging from extremely bitter to highly herbal. Historically created as medicines Amaros are an integral part of cocktail culture today. Learn the history uses and sip four different Amari.


Happy Endings

In both Italy and France it’s customary to finish a meal with a sip of something meant to aid in digestion. Referred to as digestifs France or digestivos in Italy. This class explores the history and flavors of three very different post dinner options. One each from Italy, Spain and France. You’ll gain an appreciation for each and can be assured you’ll be adding this as your own tradition.


…and More

Would you rather have a whisky around the world event? Want to learn how to make the perfect old fashioned or Manhattan? Explore a specific region or spirit? The options are endless, let’s design something together, Contact Me!