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The Beauregarde

The Beauregarde

I received a bottle of Cali Whiskey just before Thanksgiving. Produced in California. It’s a blend of corn & rye finished with spices, botanicals & a bit of sweetness.

For me, the flavors are reminiscent of the Holidays so I created a cocktail that includes some of my favorite holiday dinner flavors. Cranberry, orange, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves & a touch of savory stuffing.

Of course, no Holiday dinner would be complete without a bit of candy! I made the angel’s hair with a couple drops of cinnamon bark essential oil to compliment the spices in the drink. Okay, I admit I got a bit carried away but I promise you won’t care because it’s so fun to eat!

It’s affectionately named the “Beauregarde” after the Charlie and the Chocolate factory character (Violet Beauregard) who chews the 3-course dinner gum and turns into a blueberry!


Cinnamon bark oil infused angel’s hair candy garnish (recipe below)

Vanilla Demerera

To make the syrup. put 2 cups demerera (raw) sugar and 2 cups water in a pan. Slice open and scrape the seeds out of a vanilla bean add to mixture. Bring mixture to a boil stirring to dissolve all the sugar. Turn off heat and let cool. Pour into glass bottle and store in the refrigerator for up 2 weeks. You can strain it or leave the bean in. I usually just leave mine in. If you aren’t going to use right away add a tablespoon of vodka to keep it fresh for a couple months.

Cinnamon Bark Angel’s Hair

Bring 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup water, and 2 tablespoons corn syrup to a boil in a small saucepan over medium-high heat. Heat until syrup registers 300 degrees on a candy thermometer. Remove from heat, and stir in 3 drops cinnamon bark essential oil. Transfer mixture to a liquid measuring cup, and let cool for about 3 minutes to thicken slightly.

Use a rocks glass as your template. Dipping a chopstick into the sugar liquid hold it high above the glass and move it in circles. The sugar will cool as it drips and form strings. Keep dipping and moving in circles until you have the desired amount. If sugar hardens put in microwave for 30 seconds.

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