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I'll Know it When I Taste It!

I'll Know it When I Taste It!

When you make cocktails you can have a lot of conversations that go something like this...

Friend: "So I just went on vacation and I had the most amazing cocktail! Can you make it for me?"

Me: "Did you get the recipe?"

Friend: "No, it never occurred to me."

Me: "Do you know what was in it?"

Friend: "Ummmm, sorta I think so. It was whiskey, I think and kinda red colored, and had something that comes in a really tall green bottle and tasted kinda sweet, but also not that sweet sorta like bitter or sour or something. But seriously it was amazing."

....and the conversation can go on for quit sometime. It can be kind of amusing. I think I finally have most of my friends trained to at least take a picture of the menu and the drink if they don't actually ask for the recipe.

This cocktail came out of one those conversations. It's a fun little twist on a Negroni. I have no idea if it gets close to the marvel my friends tasted on vacation but it has become a popular choice in my home bar. Affectionately named the.....


1/2 oz Islay Scotch Whiskey
1/2 oz Mezcal
1 oz Campari
1 oz Sweet Vermouth

Stir over ice until chilled, serve in a chilled coupe glass.


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