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Banana Republic

Banana Republic

I have been on such a banana kick lately. I go through phases where I pick something and eat it and eat it. Then eventually get tired of it and move on. Bananas have been my thing lately.

I was looking for something stirred to serve after dinner recently and came up with this toasted banana & rum cocktail. It’s a loose translation of a banana’s foster.

I made a homemade banana syrup which is so good, better than I expected even. All the flavor of fresh bananas and the ease of a syrup. Using real bananas in a cocktail is challenging. Bananas can end up just creating a muddy mess if you try and muddle them directly into the drink. The syrup can be made in about 10 minutes and stores in the fridge for a week or so after it’s been made.

Banana Syrup

  • 2 sliced bananas

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup sugar

  • Boil 5 minutes, cool, strain and bottle. Store in fridge.

For the cocktail I added rum, banana syrup, a splash of amaretto and toasted pecan bitters for a depth. I make the bitters myself but you could substitute something like Fee Brothers black walnut bitters for different, but still delicious, results.

I chose to garnish the drink with brûléed bananas. Because dessert should mean excess! I sprinkled sugar on the sliced bananas and used my kitchen torch (on a fireproof surface) to brûlée. They are so addicting. You have no idea how many “samples” I ate while I was practicing. Pretty sure I am never going to eat a regular banana again!

I named the cocktail for the clothing line Banana Republic’s “no boundaries” motto. I’m a fan of the idea of acceptance, adventure, and no self-imposed boundaries.

Banana Republic

  • 2 oz Aged Rum

  • .5 oz Fresh Banana Syrup (recipe above)

  • .25 oz Amaretto

  • 2 dashes roasted pecan bitters

    Stir over ice until chilled, serve over large cube with brûléed banana slices.

By the Book

By the Book